Equine Therapy in St. George Utah

Equine therapy, also known as equine-assisted therapy or horse therapy, is a mental health treatment that involves an individual interacting with horses as a form of therapy. Equine therapy has been proven to help people heal from addiction and substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders, among other mental health conditions.

At Steps Recovery Centers, we offer equine therapy for patients of all ages looking to gain new skills that will help them overcome their ailments. Equine therapy patients will participate in horse activities like grooming, feeding, leading, and occasionally riding while being supervised by a mental health professional and a horse trainer. This therapeutic practice is often used as an additional method that accompanies more traditional therapeutic techniques for the best results.

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Why Horses?

While it has been proven that using animals as a therapeutic tactic can be highly beneficial, horses have been used for this practice because of their peaceful and patient nature. Due to a horse’s ability to remain calm in the event of distractions, they are perceptive to what the human they are working with is feeling. In many cases, horses will even mirror their humans’ emotions in a non-judgemental way that the patient is more likely to understand than if another human were to reflect their feelings and actions. Horses offer unconditional acceptance, which helps to form bonds between the therapy patient and the animal. As the bonds between a horse and a human start to grow, the patient will begin to experience more self-awareness and emotional healing.

Goals of Equine Therapy

By using this therapeutic practice, patients of all ages will begin to understand and demonstrate more of the following skills:

The Equine Therapy Process

At Steps, when equine therapy is first introduced as part of the healing process, the session’s experiential aspect could include something as simple as petting the horse to make a connection. Once a connection is made, and both the patient and horse are comfortable, sessions can include the patient doing things to care for the horse, like grooming and feeding. Eventually, as connections deepen and the patient begins to show signs of healing and growth, sessions can include haltering a horse and leading it with a trainer or solo. In some cases, and depending on the type of ailment that is being treated, riding the horse can also be an option during these therapeutic sessions.

Seeking Equine Therapy at Steps Recovery Centers in Saint George, Utah

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction and substance abuse, depression, anxiety, a trauma-related disorder, or another mental health ailment, Steps Recovery Centers in Saint George, Utah, is here to help. We are dedicated to helping you create and follow a pathway to recovery and a new life. We mold each recovery plan to the patient by using different therapies such as equine therapy and other experiential therapies combined with traditional therapeutic practices. If you or a loved one is ready for a brighter future, contact us today to learn more about our services and facility.

Multi-Channel Approach to Treatment

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Treatment Center

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