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Many people trying to overcome a substance use disorder, such as drug or alcohol addiction, have looked into staying at a rehab center. Understandably, many of them do not know if this the appropriate choice to make. At Steps Recovery Centers, we have helped many Utahns forge their path to sobriety and stay there. We have heard stories of defeat, grief, fear, and success—which are all feelings that may be familiar to people grappling with addiction.

We guarantee you that staying at a residential treatment center is one of the best choices you will ever make. Continue reading to learn how an inpatient center can help you reclaim your life.

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Take that First Step

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Benefits of Staying at a Residential Treatment Center for Addiction

Some people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol may understandably want to take a shortcut to overcome it, and we understand why. The truth of the matter is, however, there are no easy ways to combat addiction, and achieving sobriety requires effort and sacrifices. Staying at a residential treatment center is the best course of action a person can take if they are serious about wanting to break free from addiction.

For some people, receiving outpatient treatment may be enough; however, for those who struggle with severe or long-term addiction, inpatient care is best. These centers typically provide the following:

Another reason we cannot recommend inpatient treatment enough is the instant access that patients have to a team of professionals. Since addiction is a disease that affects a person’s body, mind, and spirit, the best facilities bring a multidisciplinary team to provide patients with a holistic healing plan. The best treatment centers work with the following professionals:
As you can see, these centers strive to make sure each patient receives the well-rounded treatment they need. We know that no one deserves to go through their recovery journey alone.

How Long Does Addiction Treatment Last?

It is hard to say how long treatment will last because all addictions require different treatment. At our facility, a patient’s length of stay is based on their progress in meeting specific clinical achievements. We know that all of this may sound overwhelming, so our promise to our prospective residents is this: we will work closely with you, your family, and your insurance provider to come up with the perfect plan for you.

Steps Recovery Centers Cares

If you think staying at an inpatient treatment center sounds right for you but are nervous, we welcome you to reach out to us. We will answer all of your questions and provide you with a breakdown of our services.
Residents of St. George, Utah, and neighboring Washington County cities, such as Hurricane and Springdale, have turned to us for years because they know our priority is to help them become and stay sober. We welcome people suffering from all types of addiction with open arms.

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There are effective treatments for addiction, but the first step on the road to recovery is to recognize there is a problem. Sometimes, when a person denies they have a problem, families and concerned friends may stage an intervention for prompt treatment—particularly if the addicted person is harming themselves or others. It’s important to get a physician’s assessment and diagnosis, then a treatment plan can be formulated, whether that means outpatient rehab, inpatient, or at-home treatment.

Rehabilitation often includes medications used to control drug cravings and therapy that can help addicted individuals understand their motivations and behavior, develop better self-esteem, cope with anxiety and stress, and address other mental problems.

Nathan Frame
Nathan Frame
Steps Recovery is the place you go if want a caring and understanding program. They have helped me gain knowledge about myself and what I want/need to do. The staff there can relate and help you through core issues and they push you to do better because being in this program you know you can do big and amazing things. Also the therapists there are awesome and walk with you through struggles of life and give you the tools you truly need. Overall this place is an amazing opportunity and you’d be missing out on a lot if you chose to not at least try this program. Definitely 5 stars
Shaylesa Stulce
Shaylesa Stulce
Steps Recovery in St. George has been amazing! I’m so excited to use the tools that I’ve learned here! The staff is amazing, and very understanding! I would recommend them to anyone struggling with addiction!
Gabe Peterson
Gabe Peterson
Extremely awesome staff. Shout out to Becky, Julie, Lacy, Tyler, Kami, Bill, Troy, Austin, Conner, Skyler. Its an incredible program
Adam Kelly
Adam Kelly
What I liked most about my time at Steps is the atmosphere that was presented during my whole stay. I have done a lot of treatment centers and this one is by far the one i have felt i gained the most from. I would highly recommend Steps to anybody struggling with addiction!
Steps Recovery Centers St George Utah Guarantee

The Steps Recovery Centers Guarantee

Steps Recovery Centers guarantee that any person who completes any of our programs are welcome to come to our weekly aftercare group for additional support at no charge for life.