Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in St. George Utah

Cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT, is a modern treatment approach that helps individuals grappling with substance use disorder or mental illness recognize detrimental behavioral patterns. Among professionals, it is considered the gold standard of psychotherapy.

Its primary goal is to help people identify and explore the ways their emotions and thoughts can impact their future actions. When an individual recognizes these patterns, they can begin to work on themselves. This can encourage them to reframe their thoughts in a more positive, appreciative way.

One of the main reasons why CBT is appealing to some people is because it does not focus on one’s past, which can be freeing for many individuals. Continue reading to learn more about the various advantages of this treatment modality.

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What Are the Main Concepts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

This therapy is based on the idea that one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions are interconnected. Essentially, the way you think and feel about something can impact what you do. If you have a lot of stress going on in your personal life, you are likely to view situations with a different lens and make choices you would not ordinarily make. CBT gives people the tools to change their thought and behavior patterns.

In our years of service, our experts have noticed that the following thoughts and emotions can alter one’s behavior, for better or worse:

Below are some of the most common CBT techniques to help individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction as well as mental health disorders.

Most Popular CBT Techniques

The above CBT techniques are just a handful out of the many ways this treatment modality can enhance your quality of life.

Steps Recovery Centers Cares

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the many ways people combating substance abuse and mental health conditions can recover and remain healthy. At Steps Recovery Centers, we have worked with individuals of all backgrounds and conditions overcome their uphill battles.

We are located in the gorgeous St. George, Utah, and serve the greater Washington County area. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our treatment programs.

Multi-Channel Approach to Treatment

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