Recreational Therapy in St. George Utah

What is recreational therapy, and how could it benefit you along the road to recovery?

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What Is Recreational Therapy?

Recreational therapy is the practice of using leisure activities under the supervision of a licensed therapist in order to facilitate better mental and physical health. These leisure activities should be enjoyable and tailored to the patient’s interests and physical and mental needs. In addiction recovery, recreational therapy can help to rebuild a leisure life that may have been lost to substance abuse.

Types of Recreational Activities

The great thing about recreational therapy is that the patient’s choice of leisure activity is almost endless. Those wishing to participate in recreational therapy can choose something they enjoy from a number of activities, including:

These activities provide recreational therapy patients the opportunity to learn new skills and enjoy healthy, safe, sober fun.

Benefits of Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy can have a host of benefits, including:

Recreational Therapy in Addiction Recovery

Recreational therapy can be profoundly helpful in the fight against addiction. It can expose those in treatment to different activities and give them a break from the mental toll that detox, recovery, and behavioral therapy can take. It can also help them to manage the tumultuous symptoms and emotions that can accompany recovery, new opportunities to experience joy, and a distraction from substance cravings. Those seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction previously spent a lot of time seeking out those substances, so leisure activities give those individuals a different way to fill that time and new, sober ways to have fun. When it comes to addiction, recreational therapy is most effective when combined with a professional treatment program.

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If you are struggling with addiction, contact the experts at Steps Recovery Centers today. We use modern, innovative practices like recreational therapy to give you the tools that you need for success and to live a healthy, happy, sober life. Come tour our beautiful facility in St. George, Utah, and see if Steps Recovery Centers could be the right fit for you.

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